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Canaltime operates 4 and 6 berth boats in a range of designs across 7 UK locations.

Our new fleet (built 2021-2023) pictured below are in the “Semi-Traditional” style and operate from Anderton, Gayton, Kings Orchard, Springwood Haven and Worcester Marinas.


Our Semi-Traditional boats are built longer which allows space for a safe, enclosed exterior seating area at the rear.

The living area is at the front which includes front opening doors, and space for exterior seating/dining.

In all our Semi-Traditional boats, the single beds can be converted to doubles.

4 Berth Semi-Traditional Layout (48 feet/14.6 metres)

6 Berth Semi-Traditional Layout (66 feet/20.1 metres)

Our original fleet are in the “Cruiser Stern” style. These operate from Blackwater and Hilperton Marinas.

cruiser stern

The exterior space is standing room only when cruising, but the rest of the party can relax in comfort and close proximity to the captain as the living/dining area is located at the rear of the boat.

Having the living area at the rear has enabled us to install a full, king-size bed in the main bedroom at the front.

4 berth Cruiser Stern Layout (45 feet/13.7 meters long)

6 berth Cruiser Stern Layout (55 feet/18.6 meters long)


The information below is designed to give you peace of mind that our boats meet all the requirements set by various independent organisations and are safe and legal for you to cruise.

Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)

This is a European Directive and at point-of-build all our boats met all the requirements set out in order to receive a HIN (Hull Identification Number) and CE mark.  Without these, the boat cannot be registered and licensed.

Boat Safety Scheme (BSS)

The BSS is a public safety initiative operated by the Canal & River Trust and Environment Agency.

The test for this is carried out every 4 years, and in summary it is designed to minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, pollution and to ensure adequate ventilation.  Think of it as an MoT for boats, and without it, a boat cannot be licensed.

Licence and Registration

Assuming all is well with the BSS, a registration number, unique and similar to a car number plate, is issued to the boat.  A registered boat with a BSS certificate in place just needs the licence fee paid each year for the Canal & River Trust to issue the licence.


Our boats use gas for cooking, and in most cases heating too.  Just like a rented apartment, these installations need to be checked each year by a Gas Safe registered engineer before the necessary certificate is issued.

Carbon Monoxide

Our Carbon Monoxide alarms pass the most robust testing process, making them suitable for boats where conditions can upset the monitoring capability of standard units.