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a perfect opportunity to leave the digital gadgets at home

One of the most popular reasons why people choose to take a canal boat holiday is the peace and quiet; no bright lights or blaring horns, raucous music or rowdy crowds. It’s also a perfect opportunity to leave the digital gadgets at home too.

A ‘digital detox’ is when you leave your smartphone in your bag, your tablet in your case or your laptop at home and give yourself the time to relax, recharge and de-stress. Getting away from those pesky microchips also has benefits that you may not have considered before. There’s better posture (not staring down at a screen all the time), more eye contact with everyone so a friendlier atmosphere develops. Better sleep, improved memory… the list goes on.

A canal boat holiday, with its limited electricity supply, is an ideal way to make you pack only the most important items for a good time. There is however a more serious side, because some machinery can actually damage the electrical equipment on board, so please, leave the George Foreman grill at home!

For those of you with health conditions that depend on an electricity supply e.g. CPAP machine for sleep apnoea, refrigeration for prescription medication etc, please contact the relevant marina before travelling so we can make sure everything is organised properly for your holiday.

Happy boating!