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Just follow these tips and you’ll be amazed

While storage space can be at a premium on a canal boat, there’s no reason why you need to leave your favourite kit behind. Just follow these tips and you’ll be amazed at how much one hand-luggage sized suitcase will carry!

  1. Mix ‘n’ match > make sure the items you’re packing will “mix and match” with each other to provide multiple outfit options.
  2. Roll, don’t fold > if you roll rather than fold clothes, you’ll fit half as much again into the case.
  3. Heavy stuff at the bottom > fill shoes with socks and pad around toilet bags with other bits (keeping the heavy stuff at the bottom stops it creasing the lighter items).
  4. Create layers of tightly rolled clothes to stop things moving around in the case and getting creased. Fill gaps with underwear etc. The key is to leave no space unfilled!
  5. Seek out the packing bags that expel air as you squeeze them – the special valve on the bag pushes the air out, effectively shrink-wrapping your clothes.

Most important of all, enjoy your holiday!